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Welcome To Nepal Gemological Laboratory

NGL (Nepal Gemological Laboratory Pvt. LTD.) is ” the FIRST and the ONLY” diamonds and colored gem stones testing laboratory in Nepal. We are registered with the Government of Nepal under the prevailing act (Govt. Reg. # 214591/75/076). Our lab is headed by a professional gemologist who has studied diamond testing courses from GIA (Gemological Institute of America), and colored stones testing courses from IGI (International Gemological Institute) who possesses precise inspection skills using the most advanced machinery available in the market. As such our services include the detection of natural diamonds/gemstones, lab-grown stones, and treated diamonds/gemstones.

We provide NGL certificates to leading diamond/jewelry and gemstones suppliers in Nepal who are very careful to ensure that their clients receive exactly what they pay for by providing an NGL report so that the quality is guaranteed.

Buyers are mostly in doubt about whether the gem or jewelry they purchased is genuine. Especially when it comes to diamonds, it is somehow complex to ascertain the quality before buying because of the too much variety in color. Similarly, carat, cut, and clarity also makes big difference in its value. For the general consumer, it is almost impossible to identify these 4C dimensions. Therefore, certification of diamond/gems is inevitable that gives the buyer strong confidence about their purchase.

At NGL, we empower the certification/testing ecosystem for the Gems and Jewellery category with Diamond Grading Report, Colored Stones Testing Report, and Studded Jewellery Analysis and deliver value to both sellers and buyers.

Apart from the laboratory services, NGL also trades natural loose diamonds and natural colored stones with a laboratory certificate. We legally import diamonds from Surat, India which is the world’s number one place for diamond cutting, polishing, and trading. Similarly, we import the best quality colored stones from Afghanistan, Myanmar, Thailand, and other renowned destinations. We also design and manufacture varieties of diamond and colored stones jewelry and provide the buyers with lab certification that guarantees the quality and value of the product they purchase from us.

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